Three Day Course

2018 dates for our THREE DAY course are listed below:

April 2018
Mon 9th Tues 10th Wed 11th (Fully Booked)
Mon 23th Tues 24th Wed 25th (Fully Booked)
May 2018
Mon 7th Tues 8th Wed 9th (Fully Booked)
Mon 21st Tues 22nd Wed 23rd (Fully Booked)
Mon 28th Tues 29th Wed 30th (6 spots left)
June 2018
Mon 4th Tues 5th Wed 6th  (2 spots left)
Mon 11th Tues 12th Wed 13th  (Fully Booked)
Mon 25th Tues 26th Wed 27th (Fully Booked)
Aug 2018
Mon 6th Tues 7th  Wed 8th (Fully Booked)
Mon 20th Tues 21st Wed 22nd (Fully Booked)

Specialty Days

2018 dates for our ONE DAY courses are listed below:

Finding your way around the bush using a GPS
(One Day Course)
Friday 27th April 2018  (Fully Booked)
Friday 15th June 2018  (Fully Booked)
Friday 10th August 2018 (Fully Booked)

Advanced research methods
(One Day Course)
Friday 25th May 2018  (Fully Booked)
Friday 24th August 2018 (Fully Booked)

Pegging a Lease
(One Day Course)
Friday 22nd June 2018  (3 spots left)


Cost for the ‘Three Day Course’ is: $690.00
GST  $69.00
Total Cost $759.00
Total cost for each ‘Specialty Day’ is: $200.00
GST  $20.00
Total Cost $220.00

Once we have your booking form and your course date is confirmed, you will receive an invoice for the full amount.
Payment required at least 30 days prior to your course date.

You can pay by:

Direct deposit to our bank account

Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB Number: 066-514
Account Number: 1055 8030
Account Name: Goldtalk Leonora
IMPORTANT: Please include the invoice number in the ‘Description on Recipients Statement‘ field. We need this to match bookings with payments.


Cheque, Bank Cheque or Money Order

Cheques made payable to: Goldtalk Leonora
Postal Address: Goldtalk Leonora, PO Box 130, Leonora WA 6438
IMPORTANT: Please include the invoice number on the back of the cheque.