After the course

Over the years a lot of people have asked us, “Where can we go prospecting?” and we knew that we could not provide our training courses without answering that question.

Goldtalk Leonora has a great deal for course participants. Genesis Minerals Ltd  (formerly St Barbara Limited) is a major leaseholder and gold producer in the Leonora district and we have negotiated an exclusive prospecting agreement for people who have completed one of our training courses which will allow you to prospect and camp on the following active mining leases*.


First gold won.

The tenements 

M37/586 – 938 ha
P37/8778 – 124 ha
M37/165 – 166 ha
M37/565 – 94 ha

M37/599 – 886 ha
M37/600 – 846 ha
M37/1030 – 472 ha
M37/601 – 885 ha
M37/602 – 829 ha

These mining leases are not far from town and can easily be accessed on day trips.

Terms and conditions

This offer is only for people who have completed a Goldtalk Leonora training course.

  • You must have a WA Miner’s Right.
  • You need to be a member of APLA
  • (Amalgamated Prospectors &
    Leaseholders Association of WA ) please visit for more information.
  • No dogs allowed. Sorry no exceptions.
  • No Firearms.
  • Maximum stay on Genesis tenements is 1xmonth.
  • Keep what you find up to 20kg!
  • Any significant finds to be reported to Goldtalk Leonora.
  • Please keep the tenement clean and free from rubbish.
  • An expenditure sheet detailing your work is to be filled out and returned to Goldtalk Leonora.

*An additional 20,000ha is also available for Goldtalk Leonora participants. All ground is easily accessible on day trips and is included as part of our training courses. This is a total of well over 25,000ha of active mining tenements where you can prospect/camp up to 2 months.

Please note: During your training course at Goldtalk Leonora you will receive an agreement for you to read and sign if you wish to prospect on these tenements.

Genesis Limited exclusive tenements for Goldtalk Leonora